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A.O. Smith Ecrt-80 Residential Water Heater Review

A.O. Smith Ecrt-80 residential water heater is designed with an aim of saving a lot of energy. It comes with a perfect design which makes it work best in terms of saving exceptional energy and at the same time durability. The heater is designed with a dynaclean dip tube that helps in reducing lime and other sediments that have buildup after several years of operation. The best thing about this heater is that it does not require a lot of space for it installation. It requires a small space for installation and in addition to this, you can choose the installation model that you want either tall, lowboy or short.


There are some specifications that come with A.O. Smith Ecrt-80 residential water heater which have made the heater be among the most sought for in the current world trend. All you have to do is to go through all the specifications that are provided to find out if they fall within your needs and preferences when it comes to saving exceptional energy.  Some of these specifications are as outlined below.

  • The heater is intended for household use and it serves a maximum of five people plus
  • It comes with a plumbing application.
  • It has a capacity of about eighty gallon.
  • The fuel type that it uses is electric.
  • It has 2 elements.
  • A voltage of about two hundred and forty.
  • The maximum kilowatt that it can provide is six.
  • Its height is about 601/2 inches and a diameter of 22.5 inches.
  • It weighs about two hundred and eight lbs.
  • Its energy factor is about 0.86 and the wattage is four thousand, five hundred.
  • The heater comes with a warranty of six year tank and six year parts that are limited.


There are some features that come with A.O. Smith Ecrt-80 residential water heater that make it to work effectively and efficiently. Keep in mind that without some of these features, the heater would not operate perfectly. It is therefore important for these features to be present to make it function properly. Some of these features include the following:

v  It has a dynaclean diffuser dip tube that is aimed at reducing the buildup of lime and sediments and at the same time maximizing the output of hot water. The best thing about this diffuser is that it is made of polymer that is durable.

v  The heater has a permaglas coating that provides the steel tank from corroding easily.

v  It is designed with a coregard anode rod that contains stainless steel material that prevents the tank from any corrosion as compared to mild steel anodes.

v  It is certified to UL 174 meaning that it can be used as a household electric water heater.

v   A.O. Smith Ecrt-80 residential water heater has a durable tamper that has a resistant brass drain regulator.

In conclusion, it is important to check out all the features and specifications that have been provided for you in this article so that you can purchase a heater that matches your needs best.

A.O. Smith EJCT-20 Residential Water Heater

First and foremost, the important thing you should know about A.O. Smith EJCT -20 is that it helps in saving energy. This is very beneficial especially during these tough economic times when we want to save more. The residential water heater provides excellent value for your cash. One thing that you should know about the heater is that it is durable. This is something that makes the heater to last for long when providing efficient and quality service. In order to ensure that the heater is efficient in operation, it has a dip tube which reduces the buildup of sediment and lime. There are various installation choices that are provided by the heater. It comes with various models which include lowboy, short and tall model. Depending on your personal preferences and requirements, you will know which model to go for.

The electric water heater features a compact design. The electrical and plumbing connections are side mounted on the heater. Sometimes, you can find the connections which are top mounted. The heaters are specifically designed for under the counter, in tight spaces and crawl space installation. The heater has been provided with a heating element. It has a drain valve made of brass which is tamper resistance. The main advantage of the heater is that it is environmental friendly. When using it, you will be contributing to environmental conservation. This is because it is well insulated which helps in preventing heat loss. The heaters are certified by CSA.

There are several features that have been provided in the A.O. Smith EJCT-20. The features have been provided in order to improve the efficiency of operation. One thing that you will definitely love about the heater is the compact design. Its design is quite attractive and the heater can easily be stored in small spaces. It can be installed under a counter with a lot of ease. It can be used for various residential uses. It comes with a warranty period of six years. During the warranty period, the heater will be repaired without any charges.

One thing that you will love about this electric water heater is that it is very fast. You can use it when you are in a hurry. It helps in not only saving time but also energy. It is readily available in the local electric stores and online sites. There are many online sites that offer the heater at a discounted price. It is recommended that if you want to enjoy good deals, you should shop online. It is essential that you should compare the prices of the heater. Comparison of the prices will help in going for an outlet that is offering the heater at an economical price.

A.O. Smith DRE-120-6 Commercial Tank Type Water Heater

A.O. smith DRE-120-6 offers good performance. The commercial water heater has the best standards which help in improving the efficiency when in operation. A.O. Smith products are made using the latest technology. Their electric commercial lines come with innovative designs. It is important to know that the heaters provide maximum performance even in harsh waters. They have been provided with several features that ensure they perform effectively. One of the features provided is control system. Some heater models are provided with gold elements. One thing that you should know about the water heater is that it is durable. It has been made with quality materials that make it to last for long.

There are several features that are provided in the electric water heater. The features include:

  • The DRE model has been provided with gold elements. The gold elements are beneficial. This is because they increase the longevity of the heater. The main advantage of the element is that it provides scaling resistance. There is more surface provided that helps in quick heating of the water. The model that is provided with gold elements comes with a warranty period of one year. The warranty is provided against building up of lime scale. During the warranty period, if the heater fails, you will be provided with free maintenance and repair service.
  • Another feature provided is the glass line tank. The internal area of the commercial tank water heater is coated using glass which is manufactured by A.O. Smith. This coating helps in reducing heat loss. In addition, the coating is resistant against vermin.
  • There is another feature that has been provided which helps in protection of internal circuits, thermostats and elements from excess flow of current. This feature is known as the fusing. A.O. smith DRE-120-6 meets the requirement of national electric code.
  • The heater has been installed with a terminal block
  • There are different controls that are provided. There is a temperature control whose range is from 1200 to 1800 Fahrenheit. Thermostat control is achieved through variation of temperature settings. For quick access, thermostat location is near hinge control
  • There are thermostats which are mounted on the surface
  • The circuits are color coded which enhance simple service
  • In order to ensure that there is maximum protection against corrosion, the electric water heater has been provided with anode rods.
  • Finally, a drain valve has been provided which is made using brass.


A.O. Smith DRE-120-6 Commercial Tank Type Water Heater, Electric, 120 Gallon, Gold Series, 6KW Input

A.O. Smith DEL-6S Commercial Tank Type Water Heater


Out of the five element of life which is  air, fire, earth, water and ether, water is the most underrated and unappreciated. For thousands of years, humans have dwelled and built their civilizations surrounding great bodies of water. There is the Egyptians of the the Nile river, Indians of the Ganges river, Chinese of the Yellow river and of course the Amazonian tribes of the Amazon river. Water is imperative to every growing civilization. In the present world of advanced science and generation that relies extensively on technology the dependence on water has grown greater. We use hydroelectric energy to powers homes and cities, pressurized water that can cut through the hardest and thickest of metals and water that can replace petrol to fuel cars. All these facts would have sounded like a joke half a century ago but is now becoming a reality. All these innovations would not be possible without the minds that made the machines that work perfectly well with the most amazing substance that is water. One of the most basic commodity in our everyday life is hot water that is provided by the electric water heater. To maintain a continual supply of heated water requires heavy duty, time tested electric water heater.

Product Specification and Features

The A.O. Smith DEL-6S Commercial Tank Type Water Heater boasts high standards and innovative design. This electric water heater hallmarks intelligent control system and can withstand even the most relentless water conditions that most commercial enterprise make. A.O. Smith DEL-6S Commercial Tank Type Water Heater is CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved and ASME rated T&P relief valve. This electric water heater offers single (110 degrees to 170 degrees Fahrenheit) or dual element (120 degrees to 180 degrees Fahrenheit) temperature control and has up to 6 gallons in capacity. For ease of use it showcases simplified circuitry,  is color coded and surface mounted thermostat for visibility and effortless control. If it was a little smaller in size  and  more energy efficient it would have been great but in general its good value for your money.

If you are on the search for enduring, trustworthy and powerful piece of machinery that can live up to your commercial enterprise’s harshest water demand then the A.O. Smith DEL-6S Commercial Tank Type Water Heater is definitely a tool to consider.


A Review on A.O. Smith EJC-6 Residential Water Heater


Did you know that the earth is made up of 70 percent water and that the human body is 60-70 percent water as well. It is no wonder that water is almost synonymous to life because where there is water, there is life. In  our fast-paced world of mare than six billion people, water has played an indispensable role to our existence. From industrial, to agricultural,to recreational and finally to the smallest of trade we have utilized its full capacity to our existence and advantage.  We may never know the reaches of its usefulness to our life but one thing we do know and we care about is water’s function in our homes. We want our water cold on the dinner tables, iced on a heated summer afternoon and hot and relaxing on a chilly winter night. And for every right temperature of water is the right kind of tool to do the job. For a constant supply of hot water, a dependable electric water heater should do the trick.

Product Description and Specifications.

The A.O. Smith EJC-6 Residential Water Heater has a great compact design that will keep space usage to a minimum, its is designed for ease of installation under kitchen counters or any other tiny spaces.This electric water heater has a capacity of up to six gallon, what’s more its has six years warranty at an almost a fraction of a price of other residential electric water heaters. It is only 35 pounds and runs up to 8 gallons of water per hour. Like other Promax electric water heaters, it is CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved ensuring furthermore of its quality and is ASME rated T&P valve plus an eco-friendly insulator to protect agains heat loss. It would have been great if was a little more energy efficient and and the response to warranty could have been a little bit faster but all in all A.O. Smith EJC-6 Residential Water Heater does the job and it does the job right.


With all the proliferation of substandard electric water heaters, it is essential to be vigilant and be on the look out for third-rate tools that promise more and deliver less.
A.O. Smith EJC-6 Residential Water Heater is definitely a tool that can be kept on for years and years to come.  Keeping a constant stream of wonderfully hot water for those chilly has never been easier.