Tankless — Electric Water Heaters

Eemax EX8208 “Flow Controlled” Electric Tankless Water Heater

Eemax EX8208 “Flow Controlled” Electric Tankless Water Heater has been provided with several features that improve its efficiency when in operation. The main advantage of the heater is that it ensures there is no delay of hot water supply. It not only helps in saving time but also energy. When the heater is in operation, it does not use much energy. This is something that helps in reduction of the costs of electricity bills. The flow switch of the heater is activated only when it is required. This helps in preventing heat loss. The supply of hot water in the tank less water heater is continuous. The installation cost is relatively low. The P and T relief valves are not required.

The electric water heater is easy to install. It can be mounted on the wall for easy usage. The line of the cold water should be taken to the lavatory when installing. The metering faucet and the sensor provided in the heater are compatible. The heater has been designed in such a manner that it cannot allow the growth of bacteria. It is important to know that the unit is very durable. It has been manufactured using reinforced and engineered plastic. This ensures that the heater lasts for long without reduction of its efficiency in operation.

Eemax EX8208 “Flow Controlled” Electric Tankless Water Heater has been provided with a chrome element. The chrome element provided is unique and it helps in ensuring that there is maximum heat transfer. It also helps in ensuring longevity of the unit. The compact design of the heater is quite attractive. Due to its design, it can be stored in small spaced areas. There are features that have been provided which help in reduction of calcification on the heaters surface. The cartridge element provided in the unit can be replaced when it wears off with time. The advantage of the heater is that it helps in saving time. This is because the heater can be located under the sink or mounted on the wall.

The electric water heater has met the entire handicap requirement. Thus, you can be assured about the safety when using it. You now have a reason to smile as the heater is being provided at an economical price. This is something that has made it to be affordable to those who need it. You will not have any worries regarding electricity bills when using the heater since it is environmental friendly. Before purchasing the heater, it essential to ensure that the requirements are met.

Bosch RP3P Powerstream Pro Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

If you have been considering installing an extra wash basin, you may be in something of a quandary. The initial question concerns whether or not to connect the new hand washing facility to the main plumbing system. One major problem is that this can be a difficult plumbing job and so could work out rather expensive. Fortunately, there is a much cheaper, simpler way round the problem, which is to fit a stand-alone electrical water heating unit. One excellent product in this category is the Bosch RP3P Powerstream Pro Electric Tankless Water Heater. This is an extremely compact, very cost-effective electric water heater.

Opting for a separate “on-demand” water heater has a number of other advantages, in addition to its basic simplicity. The most noteworthy one is that a unit such as the Bosch RP3P does not incorporate a tank. This means that it can easily be positioned in areas where there is limited space. The normal procedure would be to mount the unit on the wall, either above or below the basin where the hot water is to be supplied. However, the RP3P has an advantage over other models of a similar type, which is that it can be configured to supply hot water to two separate wash basins.

Another significant advantage of a compact heater like the RP3P over tank heaters is the massive reduction in wastage of energy. In the case of a tank heater, considerable energy can be wasted on heating up water that is not then used. The unused heated water simply sits in the tank and if not used in a short time begins to cool down. It then has to be reheated at such time that someone else uses the basin. The beauty of a tankless system is that heating only takes place when somebody uses the faucet. After the sink user has completed washing their hands, they turn off the faucet, and immediately the water heater ceases heating operations. As you can see, energy wastage is kept to an absolute minimum.

Installation of the Bosch RP3P is very easy. Having mounted the unit on a nearby wall, all that is needed is to make a connection from the cold water pipe to the water heater’s input. The output of the RP3P is then connected to the relevant faucet. As already mentioned, the unit can be configured for connection to two different basins. When setting up the unit, the water temperature can be chosen from two settings. This can be adjusted according to season or general location and represents another help for the owner in keeping energy costs to a minimum.

Bosch RP3P Powerstream Pro Electric Tankless Water Heater is a low cost but high quality solution. It is very solidly built and should give many years of uninterrupted service. This sturdy electric water heater is perfect for installation at any location where there is a need for wash basins, for example at restaurants, bars, offices, gas stations, and many other such places where wash rooms are provided for the use of employees or the public.


Rheem RTE-9 Electric Tankless Water Heater

If you are in the market for a small, efficient water heater you should take a look at the Rheem RHMNRTE-9 Electric Tankless Water Heater – 9 kW. There are quite a few of this kind of small-size electric water heater around but, to be fair, few of them offer such a great combination of low cost and rugged construction as this Rheem model.

The Rheem RTE-9 is designed for installation anywhere where there exists a requirement for hot water “on-demand”. This could be for a wash basin in a public restroom at a restaurant or bar, or in similar facilities provided for employees at business premises. The product is also equally suitable for providing piping hot water for a kitchen sink, or for a shower in a bathroom.

The chief benefit of the RTE-9 is the small size of the unit. This makes it an excellent choice for any locations where there are space restrictions that would prevent installation of a larger tank-based water heat system. Furthermore, the RTE-9 is simple to set up. The usual procedure is to mount it on a wall adjacent to the sink requiring the heated water. No major adjustment to the plumbing is required. Instead, it is a straightforward matter of hooking up the cold water line into the unit, and in turn feeding the output of hot water to the appropriate faucet, or shower head if it is intended to use the unit as a shower.

In use, the Rheem RTE-9 has a lot in its favor, especially in comparison to water heaters that incorporate storage tanks. The drawback of a tank system is that there may be energy waste. If the water that has been heated is not used, or only partially used, it will soon cool down, which means that a further heating cycle is necessary if someone tries to turn on the hot faucet at a later time. None of this happens with an “on-demand” unit like the RTE-9. Upon activation of the unit when a visitor to the washroom uses the basin, hot water is swiftly generated and dispensed to the faucet. Immediately the faucet is turned off, the RTE-9 stops working, which means wastage is cut to the minimum.

Also highly convenient from the user’s point of view is the temperature control dial fitted to the exterior of the RTE-9 unit. This makes it possible to adjust the water temperature to particular taste or to take account of seasonal changes. Having the ability to reduce water temperature in the winter months is a great boon to users not only from the point of view of user comfort, but also in cutting energy costs to the bone.

Large numbers of customers have reported their high satisfaction with the Rheem RHMNRTE-9 Electric Tankless Water Heater – 9 kW. According to most buyers, it certainly does the job as regards serving up hot water just when it’s needed, and without wasting precious energy. And, moreover, it is a solidly built, very reliable unit that can be expected to enjoy a long, untroubled service life.

Paloma PH24M Tankless Water Heater

paloma-ph24-md-3680908 Paloma PH24M Tankless Water Heater

Big Paloma tankless water heater

The Paloma PH24M is the largest tankless water heater of its type in the world.
Superb for commercial and industrial use as well as large residential homes. Just one Paloma PH24M supplies all the hot water you need in your home for shower, bath, dishwasher, laundry, etc.

Turn on your hot water faucet and water is heated instantly as it flows through
the heating coils. Paloma’s burners shut off automatically as soon as you turn off the faucet. The Paloma modulating control automatically adjusts the flame to the water flow you select. Paloma tankless water heaters produce hot water only when and as much as you need. That’s why you can save energy and money.

Wall-mounted Paloma tankless water heaters are built to perform efficiently with very little maintenance. First class materials include a copper heat exchanger and combustion chamber, brass controls, stainless steel burners, and a hard baked porcelain exterior. Palomas are easy to service and all parts are easy to replace.

Save dramatically on your current water heating bill. Storage-type hot water heaters
lose heat all day long (and all night too!). They consume more energy than any other job in the home except space heating. Paloma tankless gas water heaters heat only the water you need as you’re using it. You never store hot water again. You never wait for water to heat up again. You never run out of hot water!