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The Eemax SP3012 “Single Point” Electric Tankless Water Heater

If you are running an expanding business you may at some point need to enlarge a washroom to accommodate additional employees. In such a case you may wish to provide hot water at a wash basin but without making expensive modifications to your existing plumbing system. The perfect solution could be the Eemax SP3012 “Single Point” Electric Tankless Water Heater. This is a small stand-alone electric water heater that is perfect for providing hot water to a single wash basin.

Fitting a small, “single point” water heater of this kind is very straightforward indeed. All that is required is to connect the unit between the cold water supply pipe and the hot water faucet on the wash basin. Then, when someone uses the wash basin, the heater will activate when they turn on the faucet. Afterwards, the water heater shuts off again when the faucet is switched off. This is a highly efficient method, since there is no wastage of energy. The only water heated is that needed by the user of the faucet at that particular time.

The second major benefit of fitting a system such as the Eemax SP3012 is its small size. As previously explained, the unit only heats the water at the time the faucet is activated. There is no need for any bulky water tank for storage of hot water. Tank-based water heaters are entirely inappropriate for wash room use since they are much too big, not to mention the fact that they waste energy.

The SP3012 is a very adaptable little unit. It can be set to provide variable degrees of faucet spray, and is compatible with hands-free sensor faucets as well as the conventional type. It is also worth mentioning that this unit is fully serviceable. Although it is fitted with anti-calcification technology, should the heating element require replacement this is easy to do, and of course much preferable to having to replace the entire water heater as would be necessary with some other models.

The SP3012 is rugged in construction and very reliable. It is perfect for use in public areas like wash rooms in bars or at gas stations where a wall-mounted unit like this could be subject to wear and tear or even abuse. In addition, if you choose to fit a small electric water heater like the Eemax SP3012 you will benefit from substantial energy savings over what should be a long and trouble-free service life.


Eemax SP3012 “Single Point” Electric Tankless Water Heater

The Rheem RTE-27 ETWH 27 kW electric tankless water heater review

The electric tankless water heater is a fairly new development in water technology.  Edwin Rudd invented the water heater in the late 1800’s and later established the Rheem Company in 1927.  His goal was quality, long lasting home water heaters that were reliable and efficient.  Rheem now has a reputation as the number one producer of high quality water heaters and has produced tankless water heaters that rival anything on the market today.

The Rheem RTE-27 ETWH 27 kW electric tankless water heater is a low cost, efficient way to provide your home or business with hot water on demand, any time you need it.  Unlike traditional water heaters it does not store hot water, keeping it at a set temperature until it is needed.  Rather than wasting energy heating the water constantly, an electric tankless water heater uses energy only from the moment you turn on the hot water tap until you turn it off.

The Rheem RTE-27 ETWH 27 kW electric tankless water heater heats the water as it flows through the heating elements, shutting down when the hot water faucet is turned off.  Instead of storing water in a large tank like traditional water heaters, it heats the water to your specified temperature as it flows through on its way to the open faucet.  You have hot water immediately instead of waiting.

Another advantage of the Rheem electric tankless water heater is that hard water does not affect its operation.  Conventional water heaters store water in tanks and hard water can corrode the tank as it builds up.  Since a tankless water heater does not store water there is not damage from mineral corrosion.  You may also use water from a water softener if you wish.

The Rheem RTE-27 ETWH 27 kW electric tankless water heater is built with copper, stainless steel and aluminum to avoid corrosion and provide years of trouble-free operation.  Rheem built this unit so that if a part happens to malfunction it is easily replaced at minimal cost.

The Stiebel Eltron DHC-E 8/10- Electric Tankless Water Heater

Stiebel Eltron was established in the year 1924. The founder of this company is Theodor Stiebel in Berlin, Germany. This company started their business by manufacturing electric water heaters. This private company is known for its quality products and services world wide. After decades of experience in designing water heaters Stiebel come up with new version of water heater known as tankless electric water heater. Today they are very much in demand in the market.

Stiebel Eltron DHC-E 8/10 tankless electric water heaters vary from traditional water heaters in many different ways.  It does not stock up the water as change, water is directly heated and flows through the water unit. Today due to high cost of living and major power problems people can’t afford for high energy consuming water heaters. So in that sense Stiebel Eltron DHC-E 8/10 heaters are very helpful and cheap. This saves enough power along with time. It’s cost only 299 US dollars. Because of its cheap rate everyone can afford for it.

It gives range of temperatures to heat water. Its minimum temperature starts from 30 degree Celsius and gives up to 52 degree. Only single user can use this heater at one time. It produces low level shower when you are taking a bath.

Characteristics of Stiebel Eltron DHC-E 8/10 water heater: 1.Automatically maintains water heat. 2.Consumes 50 percent less power when compared with most other water heaters. 3.Simultaneously produces hot water. 4.Built safe guard protection for users. 5.Affordable rate.

6.It is portable and easy to transport.

Electric tankless water heaters are popularly called as inline or instant demand water heaters. These heaters are very common today. This amazing heater heats the water as soon as you turn it on.

Stiebel Eltron DHC-E 8/10 Tankless Electric Water Heater

• Electronically controlled water temperature New!

• Up to 50% less electric consumption compared to storage type heaters

• Hot water instantly

• Exclusive built-in scald guard thermostat

Medium electric tankless water heater

This heater will do one low volume shower at a time and no other uses while the
shower is in progress.

The DHC-E tankless electric water heater differs from convention storage type water heaters in several ways. It does not store hot water. Instead, water is heated instantaneously as it flows through the unit. Due to the absence of stand-by

losses, the DHC-E offers greater energy efficiency than storage type water heaters.

The input of heat into the water is electronically controlled. The DHC-E tankless water heater will deliver any water temperature between 86 °F (30 °C) and 125 °F (52 °C). The desired temperature can be set using the knob

on the front cover. The LED displays the temperature that the unit will produce.


For warm climate applications only. This water heater can do a shower when incoming
water is 70°F.




PowerStar AE12 Point-of-Use Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

In this moment of economic recession, being cost conscious is the key to gain success in any business. One of the industries which is very sensitive in this regard is the energy industry. The costs of energy for a factory or household can be made extremely high due to water heating. Among the electric water heater reviews, here we have the new PowerStar AE12 reviewed with closer glance at it.

It is worthwhile saying that PowerStar AE12 water heaters are just what you need to cut down on costs. The cost saving ability of these point-of-use electric tankless water heaters is due to the efficiency. These are simply one of the most energy efficient water heaters which rates to 99% efficiency. Because it heats at the point of use such as the bath tab or hand washing sink, the user of PowerStar AE12 is able to control its use by switching on and off as it may be necessary thus saving energy at the same time.

Efficiency is further enhanced through heating only the required amount of water. With this feature, PowerStar AE12 water heaters are a departure from the traditional water heaters that spend lots of energy heating water that is not required. This way you get to save energy by using only what you need.

As a standalone gadget, PowerStar AE12 allows easy installation because it does not require huge space or complicated procedure. It comes with do-it-yourself or self explanatory manual. This saves you the cost of having to hire the services of professional installer. Where necessary, the dealers in this state of the art water heating technology will readily send you a technician. All you need to do is call toll free number 1-800-955-7661.

The durability of a water heater is an important consideration when planning to buy one. Because of the fact that the machine would be exposed to two corrosion agents- that is water and heat- therefore, it is important that you are assured of the long term value of the investment. PowerStar AE12 water heaters give you five (5) years warranty. The confidence in granting such a long warranty period is because of the highly durable materials that have been used.

These heaters are made of solid copper heat exchanger, copper-sheathed elements. These elements can take on high temperatures and oxidation from the heating water. The outer part of the heater is covered with tough plastic housing. This protects the gadget from weathering due to the high moisture content and high temperatures.

To heat large amounts of water, a water heater would need to be able to withstand high voltage. However, most water heaters will be written off within the first year due to inability to contain the high voltage passing through the system. This is where PowerStar AE12 Point-of-Use Electric Tankless Water Heaters stand out as one of the best in the market. The user can set the gadget to modes of high or low kW depending on the desired heat levels. This choice of customized power settings is what assures the machine of long lifespan. The power modulation does not require temperature/pressure relieve valves.
PowerStar AE12 is simply the best in the market. You can count on your investment.

However, if this water heater doesn’t seem to suit your requirements and you are looking for something with other features, then feel free to browse and read our other electric water heater reviews.