Takagi — Electric Water Heaters

• Electronic Ignition, No Standing Pilot Light • Continuous Hot Water • Saves Space • Lowers Fuel Costs • Computer Controls • Power Vented

• Indoor & Outdoor Models

The Takagi Flash TK1 is an on demand tankless gas water heater. This space saving, highly energy efficient water heater can deliver over 200 gallons of hot water every hour and since there is no tank to run out, it supplies Hot Water endlessly.

Since there is no storage tank to keep heated all day and no pilot light, the Takagi TK1 Tankless Water Heater only burns gas when you need hot water. This eliminates standby heat loss  which can be as high as 3 – 4 % every hour for storage tank type water heater. The Takagi Flash TK1 can save as much as fifty percent on your fuel cost.

The Takagi TK1 Gas Water Heater with its convenient design and compact size is made to go anywhere you need hot water. The Takagi TK1 Hot Water Heater can free up valuable space in your home or other places. The Takagi Flash TK1 will deliver convenience, space savings, and endless hot water for all your residential and commercial needs.


Input BTU Rate: Natural Gas Min. 37,000 Btu – Max. 165,000 Btu; L.P. Gas Min. 37,000 Btu – Max. 165,000 Btu

Thermal Efficiency: Natural Gas Max. 82.3%; L.P. Gas Max 84.7%

Energy Factor: Natural Gas 0.81; L.P. Gas 0.84

First Hour Rating (DOE): 216 Gal/Hr

Gas Connection: ¾” NPT

Water Connection: ¾” NPT

Water Pressure: Min. 15 psi – Max 150 psi

Gas Pressure: Natural Gas Min. 5 WC – Max. 10.5 WC; L.P. Gas Min. 11 WC – Max. 14 WC

Shipping Weight: 74 lbs.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 24.5″x16.5″x8.3″

Ignition: Electronic Ignition

Electrical Supply: AC 120 V, 0.8 A

Vent: 4 in.