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Rheem RTE-9 Electric Tankless Water Heater

If you are in the market for a small, efficient water heater you should take a look at the Rheem RHMNRTE-9 Electric Tankless Water Heater – 9 kW. There are quite a few of this kind of small-size electric water heater around but, to be fair, few of them offer such a great combination of low cost and rugged construction as this Rheem model.

The Rheem RTE-9 is designed for installation anywhere where there exists a requirement for hot water “on-demand”. This could be for a wash basin in a public restroom at a restaurant or bar, or in similar facilities provided for employees at business premises. The product is also equally suitable for providing piping hot water for a kitchen sink, or for a shower in a bathroom.

The chief benefit of the RTE-9 is the small size of the unit. This makes it an excellent choice for any locations where there are space restrictions that would prevent installation of a larger tank-based water heat system. Furthermore, the RTE-9 is simple to set up. The usual procedure is to mount it on a wall adjacent to the sink requiring the heated water. No major adjustment to the plumbing is required. Instead, it is a straightforward matter of hooking up the cold water line into the unit, and in turn feeding the output of hot water to the appropriate faucet, or shower head if it is intended to use the unit as a shower.

In use, the Rheem RTE-9 has a lot in its favor, especially in comparison to water heaters that incorporate storage tanks. The drawback of a tank system is that there may be energy waste. If the water that has been heated is not used, or only partially used, it will soon cool down, which means that a further heating cycle is necessary if someone tries to turn on the hot faucet at a later time. None of this happens with an “on-demand” unit like the RTE-9. Upon activation of the unit when a visitor to the washroom uses the basin, hot water is swiftly generated and dispensed to the faucet. Immediately the faucet is turned off, the RTE-9 stops working, which means wastage is cut to the minimum.

Also highly convenient from the user’s point of view is the temperature control dial fitted to the exterior of the RTE-9 unit. This makes it possible to adjust the water temperature to particular taste or to take account of seasonal changes. Having the ability to reduce water temperature in the winter months is a great boon to users not only from the point of view of user comfort, but also in cutting energy costs to the bone.

Large numbers of customers have reported their high satisfaction with the Rheem RHMNRTE-9 Electric Tankless Water Heater – 9 kW. According to most buyers, it certainly does the job as regards serving up hot water just when it’s needed, and without wasting precious energy. And, moreover, it is a solidly built, very reliable unit that can be expected to enjoy a long, untroubled service life.

The Rheem RTE-27 ETWH 27 kW electric tankless water heater review

The electric tankless water heater is a fairly new development in water technology.  Edwin Rudd invented the water heater in the late 1800’s and later established the Rheem Company in 1927.  His goal was quality, long lasting home water heaters that were reliable and efficient.  Rheem now has a reputation as the number one producer of high quality water heaters and has produced tankless water heaters that rival anything on the market today.

The Rheem RTE-27 ETWH 27 kW electric tankless water heater is a low cost, efficient way to provide your home or business with hot water on demand, any time you need it.  Unlike traditional water heaters it does not store hot water, keeping it at a set temperature until it is needed.  Rather than wasting energy heating the water constantly, an electric tankless water heater uses energy only from the moment you turn on the hot water tap until you turn it off.

The Rheem RTE-27 ETWH 27 kW electric tankless water heater heats the water as it flows through the heating elements, shutting down when the hot water faucet is turned off.  Instead of storing water in a large tank like traditional water heaters, it heats the water to your specified temperature as it flows through on its way to the open faucet.  You have hot water immediately instead of waiting.

Another advantage of the Rheem electric tankless water heater is that hard water does not affect its operation.  Conventional water heaters store water in tanks and hard water can corrode the tank as it builds up.  Since a tankless water heater does not store water there is not damage from mineral corrosion.  You may also use water from a water softener if you wish.

The Rheem RTE-27 ETWH 27 kW electric tankless water heater is built with copper, stainless steel and aluminum to avoid corrosion and provide years of trouble-free operation.  Rheem built this unit so that if a part happens to malfunction it is easily replaced at minimal cost.