PowerStar AE125 — Electric Water Heaters

Many consumers researching an electric tankless water heater are finding that PowerStar is a serious contender in the market.  PowerStar is a brand of Bosch, a well known company specializing in innovative energy products.  Founded by Robert Bosch in 1886 and establishing a presence in the United States in 1906, Bosch has a reputation for quality in both products and customer service.

The PowerStar AE125 Whole House Electric Tankless Water Heater comes in an attractive wall mounted box measuring 4.25” x 15.25” x 15.5” that weighs just 22 pounds.  It is engineered for climates where groundwater temperatures tend to stay below 60°.

This electric tankless water heater produces four gallons per minute and has an energy efficiency rating of 94%.  It has a ten year warranty on the solid copper heat exchanger and a 1 year warranty on other parts.  It requires a 200 amp panel with space for three 40 amp breakers.  While installation averages around $200, families of four and five members report that they are saving at least $30 per month on their energy bills.

The PowerStar AE125 electric tankless water heater produces enough hot water on demand to support two sinks or one major appliance at a time, such as a dishwasher or a shower/bathtub.  Because it heats water as it passes the heating element there is no wait for hot water when you open the hot water faucet.  The unit uses energy only when the hot water tap is opened and shuts down when it closes.  Rather than heating stored water all day and night, the PowerStar uses energy only when you need hot water.

There have been problems with the PowerStar and other electric tankless water heater units that have been traced to a poor choice of location.  In one story homes where the kitchen is at one end and the baths at the opposite end, no electric tankless water heater will operate efficiently unless placed between the two applications.  In two story homes the plumbing is usually “stacked” in one area and thus this problem is eliminated.

There have been instances of curious customers letting the hot water run for over an hour to see if they would run out of hot water.  They were quite pleased with the results.

Professional installment will ensure that the placement of your PowerStar AE125 electric tankless water heater is ideal to provide your whole house with the hot water it needs.