Bosch GL8Ti Ariston Pro Ti Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater — Electric Water Heaters

Bosch GL8Ti ensures that there provision of hot water whenever you need it. The benefit for the heater is that it does not consume much energy. Thus, it helps in energy conservation and is environmental friendly. One thing that you should know about the heater is that is simple to install. When using the heater, you will not have worries about loss of heat. This heater is the best solution for office sinks and homes. You will be provided with water without waiting for long. Mini tank water heater is designed using titanium which enhances its durability. The heater usually lasts for long as it provides you with quality service.

The mini water tank is protected against leakage by provision of a glass lining internally. You can install the heater independently or in big sources of hot water. The latter option helps in avoiding wastage of time when waiting for hot water. The electric water heater comes with three models. You will require choosing from the models depending on your requirements. The three models include the following 4, 2.5 and 8. The heaters have been provided with adjustable thermostat which has a thermal cut. You can hang the units on the wall or mount them on the floor.

Bosch GL8Ti is durable as it does not dent. The heater has the capability to resist corrosion. The pressure and temperature valve have been provided. The units can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. It is important to know that the units come with a warranty period of 8 years. This is a good thing because within this period, you will be provided with free maintenance services in case the heater malfunctions. It has been built with titanium that enhances its durability. The heaters have met all the required standards.

The electric water heater has 2 ports for the overflow. You should use one port for plugging and the other one for overflow. This is a good feature that makes mounting to be more flexible. If you find that the two ports are leaking, it is recommended that you should do an upgraded installation. The heaters have been provided with amazing features. You can find the heater in various electrical outlets both online and locally. The heaters come with an economical price. This is something that makes the units to be affordable. There are many benefits that are provided by the units.


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